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1999 Marshall "JTM Tremolo 50" Bluesbreaker II 2-12" Combo Amp, MADE IN ENGLAND ( not China ) Greenback 25W Celestion 12"'s stamped "Made in England" too...  Read more...
A VERY clean Amp, barely used the last 18 years....Was stored in the dry desert, so ZERO rust or corrosion of any kind. The brain looks new, it is so clean.....ALL original Amp, and still has the original factory tubes... There is a half dozen little rips in the tolex....mostly corners, but are minor, and will be easy to glue down / fix... Other than that, this amp is CLEAN.... I always liked the 50W better than the 30W Bluesbreaker version.....The low end is "Tighter" with more "Growl"... This amp sounds AMAZING when turned up.....and sounds totally Old School Authentic, at lower volumes...

Info from Wikipedia: "Marshall reissued the 212" Bluesbreaker in 1989; This version used 6L6 tubes. In 1999, a second version of the amplifier, the Bluesbreaker II, was released, with 5881 power tubes"

This Amp is a 1st year 5881 power tubes version, Made in England, with speakers made in England... A Guaranteed future collector's item / investment, you can USE and enjoy...
The new Chinese made ones cost the same as this Original English made example.....Having the English one is a no brainer, in my opinion.
Price is now $500.00 off the original asking price... 
Thanks for reading!

Sell for just...  $1295