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1993 Gibson SG "Special Edition" TV Yellow finish, with Ebony fretboard. Not many made this color, and they rarely show up for sale...  Read more...
( everyone KNOWS they are a future collectors item, soon ) This is 25 years old now, and the color is REALLY ageing / ambering, with age... Just beautiful....The Upscale Ebony Fretboard keeps the neck stiff, straight, and IN TUNE. Stamped "SG SPECIAL ED" under the finish, in the P/U routs No cracks, no issues ( Has a dealer's decal on back of headstock, easily removable ) , and big stock frets.... It is an early enough Gibson, to have "Alnico II" magnets, not Alnico V...and sound old PAF P/U's... Gibson still had Honduras Mohogany and African Ebony back in 1993, and is a superior sounding guitar, because of it
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Sell w/padded gig bag for...  $995


c Recent "1949 Snakehead Esquire" Prototype style guitar Ambered Olympic White finish on body...Neck sealed and steel wooled...feels GREAT. I don't know who made the parts, and have no idea where this came from...Got it "Used" w/ no info. It's NOT a Fender, but is very nice with quality parts... Plays great!

Sell w/ gig bag for...  $175


c 1999 Dearmond X-155 Archtop guitar w/ OHSC ...The fancy version with Block inlays and 2 Humb. P/U's  Read more...
Full size ( 17" ) cutaway Jazz guitar, 19 years old now, in unplayed near mint condition w/ Orig. H/C w "DeArmond" logo. Beautifully made import, discontinued many years ago....Orig. guitar w/ USA made Humbucking P/U's. Company was owned by Guild, with many nice Pro quality models, but they were too expensive to make and shut down production...This is a NICE Archtop Electric, for low $$$...and will only go up in value.
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Sell w/ohsc for...  $650


c Recent Guild A-150 Archtop Cutaway Jazz Guitar , w/ Dearmond floating P/U w/ OHSC Unplayed, mint original condition...  Read more...
...BEAUTIFUL Sunburst, w/ Highly figured curly Maple Back and rims....Spruce top....This example was picked out of a bunch, and has a very lively sound, with a nice FAT low end sound...just outstanding...Has THE classic Pickup w/ the 1950's Jazz tone...Incredible for the $$$... It's a NICELY made Import and used, which makes the price WAY lower than new retail...But is in Perfect condition...
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Sell w/arched lid plush hardshell case for...  $895